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Vous ne prenez pas une photographie, vous la faites.

Ansel Adams


It is with immense pride and joy that our very unique creation 50 with @comporta_perfumes has been awarded an honorable mention at the 10th @artandolfaction awards.
Thank you @pedrocsdias for keeping triggering from me the most vibrating emotions, original contrasts, unique concepts to interpret, to challenge my creativity and give birth to truly artistic fragrances.
Thank you The Institute for @artandolfaction for rewarding true artistic independent perfumery. Huge congrats to the 10 finalists and the 4 other honorable mentions! 🙌 #sensaba #stephaniebakouche
« So if you’re feeling sick and tired of the games you play
Have a look at where you are, it’s another day
At least you’re not a divvy in a bib and brace
You’re ahead of the pace
And you owe it all to this place
So, raise a glass to this place
You owe it all to this place » #grasse @artdecomposerleparfum #artetparfum #sensaba
In some places Champagne flows freely, in Dubaï perfume does! 😳😅 #sensaba