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In some places Champagne flows freely, in Dubaï perfume does! 😳😅 #sensaba
I am glad to share the launch of Sensaba's new website A cradle of creation, transmission and most of all, a free, passionate and independent studio.

The culmination of a long journey of overcome obstacles, beautiful realizations and above all, of shared moments of joy!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank my many clients and partners, for your unwavering trust and your uber-creative briefs that keep on pushing the bounds of my creativity. A special thanks to Accords & Parfums @artdecomposerleparfum, my efficient and reliable partner whose expertise provides our clients with an unmatched excellence.

Together, we will go even further, through compelling sensory experiences and other exclusive surprises... stay tuned!
#stephaniebakouche #sensaba #creation #transmission #olfactoryjourneys #perfume #perfumeisart #paris #grasse thank you @atelier_marge_design #sensaba
What a true joy and honnor, Mister Master Sheldrake! I would very probably have never been who I am today, as a perfumer, without your infinite inspirational work, especially for @sergelutens . You triggered my emotions since I was a teen, and truly inspired my path in this industry. THANK YOU! And we are united today around our precious @osmothequeparf , to humbly contribute to the preservation and transmission of our Art. This is beautiful 👏 @christopher.sheldrake #stephaniebakouche #perfumeisart #sensaba
Launch day!! ACCRA by @gallivant.stories I’m super happy to see this birth and to read such warm welcomes; thank you Nick for being so smart, friendly and respectful of the time-consuming artistic development process, it is a true pleasure to compose for you and your brand! 🙏👏 As a result, a very unlikely leather-vinyle accord came out, as a none less unlikely Passion berries accord, blend of sparkling cold spices and exotic fruit..! Thank you for having inspired me in such way!! Long life to ACCRA ! #accra #ghana #newlaunch #fragrance #highperfumery #creation #passion #art #perfumeisart #stephaniebakouche #spicy #fruity #leather #sensaba