Ol­fac­to­ry jour­neys

A unique proposition.
An unforgettable experience –
Travelling the world to meet the finest raw materials of perfumery in their immediate natural context.

Guided by perfumers and industry experts, you’ll take part in a themed journey that will take you to the heart of the plantations and into contact with the growers to discover the secrets of making the rarest essences in perfumery.

From Indian tuberose to Madagascan ylang-ylang, from Omani olibanum to Indonesian patchouli, each of these olfactory journeys involves cultural immersion, age-old techniques and an escape from time.

At the culmination of your journey, you’ll be invited to create your own perfume using the raw materials you’ve encountered and guided by your private team of perfumers and experts.

This extraordinary offer is made possible by the commitment of Sensaba, Thierry Bernard (Parfumeurs du Monde) and St├ęphane Piquart (Le Sourceur) to promoting the human values of perfumery, raising awareness of their cultural and ecological impact and passing on traditional knowledge.

Olfactory Journey I


Spring 2024
Duration: 1 week
Details to follow.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

H. Miller