for brands

Sensaba creates fragrances for skin products, perfumes & cosmetics, as well as scented atmospheres, candles & home fragrances.

Our promise is a commitment: originality and exclusivity


  • Initial contact, in person or remotely.
  • Definition of your wishes and your project.
  • Proposal of creation costs (made-to-measure quote).
  • Start of development of your creations (duration depending on project)
  • Sending of initial quotes.
  • Rework according to your comments (duration depending on project)
  • Order pilot quantities to start the appropriate tests (compatibility, stability, patch test)
  • Sending of the regulatory documents needed to draw up the Product Information File
  • Initial order of the perfume concentrate for the first production run.


Sensaba supports you in monitoring the quality and toxicological tests until your finished products are available:

  • Advice on the optimum concentrations for the desired application. 
  • Discussions with your manufacturer to ensure the best adjuvants to add to your products (antioxidants, UV filters, colourings, controlled proportion of alcohol to meet international standards, depending on your export regions, etc.).
  • Monitoring of your stability tests to ensure that there is no spoilage.
  • Managing the supply of your concentrates and packaging components.
  • Monitoring production schedule right through to the delivery of your finished products.

Additional Support

Sensaba can also put you in touch with choice partners for the development of your brand identity:

  • suppliers (bottles, pumps) 
  • design agencies
  • packaging manufacturers
  • brand agents, distributors

For Individuals

The ultimate luxury: having your own unique, recognisable, inimitable scent.

Based on your images, your inspirations, your memories and your desires, Sensaba works with you to create a fragrance that reflects your image.

At the end of our process, your engraved bottle will join your daily essentials, while your formula will be strictly protected. Only you will be able to use it.

A rare experience, for the most discerning of perfume lovers, to gift or be gifted.

“From your dreams: a fragrance

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trust is paramount: without it, no project can succeed.

E. Tabarly, Mémoires du large


In some places Champagne flows freely, in Dubaï perfume does! 😳😅 #sensaba
I am glad to share the launch of Sensaba's new website A cradle of creation, transmission and most of all, a free, passionate and independent studio.

The culmination of a long journey of overcome obstacles, beautiful realizations and above all, of shared moments of joy!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank my many clients and partners, for your unwavering trust and your uber-creative briefs that keep on pushing the bounds of my creativity. A special thanks to Accords & Parfums @artdecomposerleparfum, my efficient and reliable partner whose expertise provides our clients with an unmatched excellence.

Together, we will go even further, through compelling sensory experiences and other exclusive surprises... stay tuned!
#stephaniebakouche #sensaba #creation #transmission #olfactoryjourneys #perfume #perfumeisart #paris #grasse thank you @atelier_marge_design #sensaba
What a true joy and honnor, Mister Master Sheldrake! I would very probably have never been who I am today, as a perfumer, without your infinite inspirational work, especially for @sergelutens . You triggered my emotions since I was a teen, and truly inspired my path in this industry. THANK YOU! And we are united today around our precious @osmothequeparf , to humbly contribute to the preservation and transmission of our Art. This is beautiful 👏 @christopher.sheldrake #stephaniebakouche #perfumeisart #sensaba
Launch day!! ACCRA by @gallivant.stories I’m super happy to see this birth and to read such warm welcomes; thank you Nick for being so smart, friendly and respectful of the time-consuming artistic development process, it is a true pleasure to compose for you and your brand! 🙏👏 As a result, a very unlikely leather-vinyle accord came out, as a none less unlikely Passion berries accord, blend of sparkling cold spices and exotic fruit..! Thank you for having inspired me in such way!! Long life to ACCRA ! #accra #ghana #newlaunch #fragrance #highperfumery #creation #passion #art #perfumeisart #stephaniebakouche #spicy #fruity #leather #sensaba