for brands

Sensaba creates fragrances for skin products, perfumes & cosmetics, as well as scented atmospheres, candles & home fragrances.

Our promise is a commitment: originality and exclusivity


  • Initial contact, in person or remotely.
  • Definition of your wishes and your project.
  • Proposal of creation costs (made-to-measure quote).
  • Start of development of your creations (duration depending on project)
  • Sending of initial quotes.
  • Rework according to your comments (duration depending on project)
  • Order pilot quantities to start the appropriate tests (compatibility, stability, patch test)
  • Sending of the regulatory documents needed to draw up the Product Information File
  • Initial order of the perfume concentrate for the first production run.


Sensaba supports you in monitoring the quality and toxicological tests until your finished products are available:

  • Advice on the optimum concentrations for the desired application. 
  • Discussions with your manufacturer to ensure the best adjuvants to add to your products (antioxidants, UV filters, colourings, controlled proportion of alcohol to meet international standards, depending on your export regions, etc.).
  • Monitoring of your stability tests to ensure that there is no spoilage.
  • Managing the supply of your concentrates and packaging components.
  • Monitoring production schedule right through to the delivery of your finished products.

Additional Support

Sensaba can also put you in touch with choice partners for the development of your brand identity:

  • suppliers (bottles, pumps) 
  • design agencies
  • packaging manufacturers
  • brand agents, distributors

For Individuals

The ultimate luxury: having your own unique, recognisable, inimitable scent.

Based on your images, your inspirations, your memories and your desires, Sensaba works with you to create a fragrance that reflects your image.

At the end of our process, your engraved bottle will join your daily essentials, while your formula will be strictly protected. Only you will be able to use it.

A rare experience, for the most discerning of perfume lovers, to gift or be gifted.

“From your dreams: a fragrance

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trust is paramount: without it, no project can succeed.

E. Tabarly, Mémoires du large


New logo, new labels, new creations 🙌 #sensaba
Mes coups de 💙 du #simppar2024 :) Un Schinus molle Velouté de @ernesto_ventos, coextraction de cette baie avec un mimosa Coeur DM qui se révèle alors moderne, pétillant, lumineux…
@mane_1871_ toujours présent avec ses merveilles de Jungle essences tel le Timur pepper du Nepal, sa réinvention de l’enfleurage dans de l’huile végétale ensuite extraite au CO2, et autres molécules naturelles biosynthétisées et éco responsables.
Merci @floralconceptnaturals pour des naturels toujours plus exquis et révélés à leur plus haute valeur; merci pour cette baie de genièvre rectifiée qui rend cette rebelle plus soluble dans l’alcool! :-)
Et @payanbertrand_grasse avec le grand Fred Badie aux commandes des trouvailles les plus extraordinaires, des cœurs de vetyver les plus exquis à des fractions animales d’osmanthus à la se(x)nsualité renversante..!
Merci @villegrasse et à la @societefrancaisedesparfumeurs d’avoir si bien accueilli et géré cette première édition du @simp.par sous votre soleil, et merci à vous tous producteurs de pousser toujours plus loin les limites de la créativité, pour mieux stimuler la nôtre! #grasse #stephaniebakouche #sensaba #simppar2024 #producteurs #artisan #passion
It is with immense pride and joy that our very unique creation 50 with @comporta_perfumes has been awarded an honorable mention at the 10th @artandolfaction awards.
Thank you @pedrocsdias for keeping triggering from me the most vibrating emotions, original contrasts, unique concepts to interpret, to challenge my creativity and give birth to truly artistic fragrances.
Thank you The Institute for @artandolfaction for rewarding true artistic independent perfumery. Huge congrats to the 10 finalists and the 4 other honorable mentions! 🙌 #sensaba #stephaniebakouche
« So if you’re feeling sick and tired of the games you play
Have a look at where you are, it’s another day
At least you’re not a divvy in a bib and brace
You’re ahead of the pace
And you owe it all to this place
So, raise a glass to this place
You owe it all to this place » #grasse @artdecomposerleparfum #artetparfum #sensaba